Wherefore Art Thou, Hill | Holliday?

Hill | Holliday hasn’t updated their website since April 11th. I’m certain there are good reasons for it. Most likely the people who have been chosen to update the site are busy solving client problems (like finding Rachel Ray a new scarf). I get it. But, I also get that a blog as agency site isn’t the right answer if you can’t keep it up to date.
I don’t mean to pick on Hill | Holliday. They are far from the only agency with this problem. They’re just the most prominent.
If you ask Steve Rubel, he’d suggest putting some so-called “Millennials” on the job. If you ask me, I’d say it’s not about age, it’s about commitment to the form.

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  1. Preach. It.

  2. Thanks Spike. You know, I’d be happy to help them fix the problem. Baba Shetty, can you hear me now?

  3. I’m 41 and have been using a mac since I was a high school senior. I had DSL as soon as it was available and I’ve had my own website since 1999. Not that any of that is a big deal, but if I hear one more person claim “Millenials” are the only ones who understand all things digital I’m going to freakin’ hurt somebody.