Where the Heart Is Comes To Life

According to WSBTV, some people can’t get enough of Wal-Mart’s retail experience.

At the 24-hour Wal-Mart in Lilburn, GA police said a 70-year-old woman spent three days inside the store sleeping, shopping and eating at the on-site Blimpie.
The woman was able to blend in with the carts, crowds and chaos and go unnoticed for 72 hours a week before Christmas. When asked by Wal-Mart employees why she was there for so long she simply said, ‘I’m shopping.’
The woman was escorted home by police after she paid for her merchandise.

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  1. Good God, Wal-Mart is now brainwashing the elderly. I KNEW IT!

  2. Save money. Live better. Just don’t do it in the store aisles.

  3. David…
    How fucking sad is that. Unless it was Howard Drafts mum, trying to fugure out where the “Effen-Effen” aisle was…