Where Are The Candidates On Jobs And Immigration? And Literally Where Are They?

NBCPolitics.com is working with foursquare to display check-ins from President Obama’s campaign team and the Republican presidential candidates’ campaign teams as they travel across the country on the campaign trail.

“NBC News’ partnership with foursquare will allow our audiences to more fully engage with the 2012 campaign,” said Vivian Schiller, Chief Digital Officer at NBC News.

“All politics is local, and foursquare is all about location; it’s the perfect way for politicians to communicate their actions to potential voters,” said Jonathan Crowley, Director of Media Partnerships for foursquare.

The data visualization of foursquare check-ins will allow users to view candidate and campaign activity both in real-time and over time. The map will visually tell the history of the campaign trail, activity, and milestones and also indicate the successes or failures of the candidates.

Method partnered with NBCPolitics.com to help design and develop the interactive experience.

In other geolocation news, Repudo is a service that lets users leave digital messages for each other at specific locations in the real world.

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