When To Say When

Anyone who has spent significant time blogging can tell you what an obsession it can become. It’s an obsession I’m looking very closely at these days, as peering into this screen for hours on end is not the smartest thing I’ve ever chosen to do.
But there are people, like Fred Wilson, who are much more obsessive than me. Wilson’s in Hawaii on family vacation right now. To squeeze in a post, he takes his Crackberry on the eliptical trainer with him and types while he sweats.
I’m not going to judge Fred Wilson’s activities, but I am going to ask what kind of world we live in where a man on vacation in Hawaii needs to update his blog, which isn’t even his job, while working out?

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  1. This is what I have figured out in my years of commenting and blogging and my periods of fasting. My real reason for blogging is not an audience, but to release stupid thoughts that bother me in my head. Maybe Fred’s brain is spinning even faster than mine. Besides the counters tell me that no one reads my blog, no one looks at my videos, no one outside of one douchebag saw my leg art. So my blog is my electronic diary that available to me anywhere on the road, but I don’t post when i am on the road. I take notes with photographs though. In contrast, my reason for commenting is to share ideas. Originally, it was to get my foot in the door of some damn networking in graphic design or advertising. I tried so hard, that people laughed, however, not loud enough for them to take my ideas and run with them… to their own bank. Oh, i really am falsely accusing, you guys. I never had a worthy idea.
    This is also what i know, not one of you, carl la fong or high jive or anyone who has engaged me in active thought or humored me or made fun of “surreal” me has ever helped me lift a damn box out of my house. Not one of you has emailed with one damn free lance photoshop inquiry. I must of been that much of an annoyance. There are nights when i say my prays, technically they aren’t real prayers, but they are closing thoughts to the days end, yes, those closing thoughts when I’m thankful for the peace I enjoy in my life and lack of clutter from employment and freedom to move around this land. But every now and then I mutter under my breath with frightening straightforwardness– Fuck YOU, advertising bloggers, one and all. It’s probably just displacement for huge problems in my personality, or who knows what defense mechanism, anyway. Oh well, at least I got my health, no ulcers, , no prescription drugs i have to take, and I don’t rely on alcohol either.
    God forgive me, I know not what I am saying. Now I think I gotta go take a walk in some garden and repent. (truthfully)

  2. perhaps fred is clinically insane. david, i’m curious why you’re reading the man’s blog. the content is not that interesting.

  3. If you want to follow developments in Web 2.0 land, then Fred can help with that. If none of that shit matters to you, then it’s the wrong site to spend time on.
    Personally, I think he’s an interesting guy and I like how he mixes topics on his site. He doesn’t say, “hey, this is business, I’m not going to talk about bands I like.” He just throws it all up there and lets the reader decide what’s engaging, if anything.

  4. I’m far more fascinated with the mechanics of actually typing into a blackberry while on an ellipsometer. I mean that could be an Olympic sport or something. I’d fall off, drop the blackberry or both.