When The World Zigs, Zag

Another ad agency is using the sheep metaphor for self-promotion purposes. And not just any old agency, one of the best in the world.
John January what say you about this development?

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  • http://www.wehatesheep.com American Copywriter

    We’ve been using “we hate sheep” as a call to stand out for five years or six years now. I’m really not sure how long BBH has been at it. Maybe even longer. Or maybe not.
    Regardless, I think it’s perfectly fair to say that whoever was actually second only “stole” from the very best. And, I suppose if a potential client wants to confuse SHS with BBH, well, WE don’t mind anyway.
    And, either way, our sheep is much cuter.
    See our Podcast #11 for a diatribe on the “collective unconscious.” Oh, and see this week’s edition of Business Week for a story on Podcasting (note: check the sidebar).

    • Steveelrickster

      BBH been using it for about 25 years. No contest really

  • http://adpulp.com David Burn

    “We Hate Sheep” is the superior message.

  • http://www.jackcheng.com Jack Cheng

    I just saw this yesterday – John Hegarty actually talked about the black sheep thing in a recent interview – it was the very first ad they did when they won the Levi’s account.

  • http://adpulp.com David Burn

    Thanks, Jack. According to the article, BBH developed the Levi’s ad in 1982 and adopted the sheep from the ad as their own iconic symbol in 1997.
    I still prefer SHS’s “We Hate Sheep.” It’s akin to hanging a sign on the agency front door that says, “If you suck, stay away.”