When Face Paint Won’t Do, Drink From Your Favorite Tumbler

The PR industry takes a crap in my inbox daily, so it is hard for me to express just how refreshing it is to receive a pitch by mail. Especially when it’s a custom appeal, made just for me. Like the box that arrived yesterday on my front porch…

Have you ever read my Twitter bio? Hilary Martin has. Hence, she knows what I’m interested in. Hence, her ability to reach me via special delivery.

Martin’s client, Sterling Rice Group in Boulder, is lucky to have a PR agent who does her homework. Because, now that I’m the owner of a new Huskers-edition tumbler, I am receptive to the pitch, whatever it might be. It really is that easy.

Sterling Rice Group’s new multimedia campaign for Tervis is appearing in US Weekly, Martha Stewart and online at ESPN.com, CBSsports.com and on Gawker Network sites.

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