What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Art Directors Club Italiano call for entries, 2005
One Show call for entries, 2006
Thanks to Horace Kidman–the creator of the original idea–for the tip.
I could say stealing is beyond lame, especially when there’s no need for it, but that’s obvious. Anyway, I’m more interested in hearing what you have to say.

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  1. I would imagine that this idea is quite a common one, but to be on such similar events in such a similar style and within a year of each other…
    Looks a bit dodgy to me.

  2. Indiana Gividen says:

    This is like two people on opposite sides of the planet using the tortoise and the haire for an advertising concept and then accusing one of stealing from the other. The idea is unoriginal. And the idea one would be so lame as to steal an unorigininal idea is pure comedy.

  3. Indiana Gividen says:

    oh yea… Horace Kidman is just as unoriginal as his alleged copy cat. Sun glasses on a sports ball? A square globe? Give me a break.

  4. I don’t see the foul. 1 – It’s such a basic concept that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the latter came to it on their own. 2 – Even if there was some “copying” it’s not like someone’s creativity was violated.

  5. In 15 years of advertising, I’ve never met a creative that would rip off such a lame concept. That’s not saying a whole lot, but it’s just so low I can’t image anyone would stoop to it.

  6. Exactly how does one steal a thoudand year old cliche?
    This is just poor timing.
    And weak creative.

  7. Carl LaFong says:

    There may not be a foul, Brian, but there’s defintely an error.
    It’s more than a little ironic that an award show that purports to honor unconventional thinking and groundbreaking ideas should run a campaign so utterly devoid of wit, originality or creativity.
    Which only goes to prove what I’ve said all along: Award shows are irrelevant egofests. And in other breaking news, bears defecate in the woods and Germans love David Hasslehoff.

  8. Horace Kidman says:

    Dear Indiana Gividen, of course you are free to like our work or hate it. This is not the point. The point is: if this is such a lame idea (and I think it’s not, there’s a bit of provocation in portraying your target as a donkey), why has the prestigious One Show taken the trouble to copy it? Pure coincidence, it’s hard to believe. Affectionately yours, HK

  9. i’m aghast that the venerable One Show would send out such a mediocre and flatfooted call for entries in this day and age. surely there are better ideas they could steal!
    but the D&AD’s 2006 call for entries is equally uninspiring and inward-looking. ironic really.

  10. Mark Trueblood says:

    The One Show (and other award shows) know very well they could make a monkey playing a banjo the theme of their award show, and we’d all still send entries like starving dogs begging for a scrap of horsemeat. Not that I’m any better, mind you.

  11. Mark Trueblood says:

    other A-list award shows, I mean…

  12. Too many creatives spoil the er… broth.

  13. Indiana Gividen says:

    Dear Horace Kidman,
    I have insulted you and your work. I apologise. That was not my intention. I wanted to say that “Suspecting one of stealing anothers idea that is based off of a very old idea, is not realistic.” It is more likely just chance. As it is likely that you did not steal the glasses on a sports ball idea or the square globe idea.
    Affectionately yours, ING

  14. It’s not just “the idea” that was stolen here. The art direction looks to be ripped directly from the Italian piece, as well.
    Here’s what I do not get…Why volunteer to do this piece if you’re too busy or too lazy to do it right? Usually, these type of pro-bono jobs (I’m assuming the One Show didn’t pay for this work) are a great place for creatives to stretch. In other words, you do jobs like this for the fun of it, and to meet the challenge minus the trappings of a weak or scared client.

  15. Here’s a call for entries complete with nutsack.

  16. The One Club did a video that goes with this, too:
    It does seem kind of juevenile; but then, the people who do these calls for entries are usually really young creatives who want to do something cool. I did a One Show Call for Enrties back in the day making fun of David Ogilvy and his castle in France.

  17. You mean this isn’t supposed to be one of those “Converstaions in Art” like… who was it… Picasso and Matisee(?) that was exhibited some years back in New York? Showing conflict and dialogue? Or the Van Gogh / Gaugin in Chicago circa 2002 pairing up?
    Golly, I always read too much symobolism into these shows.

  18. Lameness Abounds

    I don’t read Slovakian*, so it’s hard to determine precisely what’s going on with the ads above, but it looks like Heinz and KFC have the exact same visual cliches running for different spicy products. I know there are…