What’s Old Is New Again

Quaker City Mercantile (the Philadelphia agency formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) has been busy reinvigorating the Narragansett Beer brand.
Given the brand’s rich history in New England, it made sense to mine the archives and that’s what QCM did.
Using original ‘Gansett commercials from the 1950s that featured husband and wife comedy duo Mike Nichols and Elaine May as an audio bed, QCM, with the help of mash-up artist Steinski, has managed to honor the past without sounding stale.
Have a listen: Narragansett Radio Spot
Accrording to the agency, Steinski, “essentially invented the concept of the mash-up back in the 1980s (Girl Talk and DJ Shadow cite him as a major influence).”
You can also experience the original source material on YouTube:

BTW, I love the tagline, “Made on Honor. Sold on Merit.” It’s neighborly without being pushy.

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  1. TomNCarrboro says:

    Maybe I’ve asked before. Can anyone complete the lyrics to the old — 1950s and earlier, perhaps — Narragansett jingle that used to play on Red Sox radio broadcasts. The song is below, with brackets marking what I cannot remember.
    Hi, neighbor; hi, neighbor.
    Wherever you go, people all say,
    ‘Hi, neighbor; hi, neighbor.’
    That is the neighborly way.
    For Narragansett [Right here,….
    [ ….and here, are my gaps]
    And Narragansett’s brewed
    With finest seedless hops.
    Keep saying,
    ‘Hi, neighbor; Hi, neighbor’.”
    Narragansett Lager Beer!
    Thank you