What’s In Your Moleskine?

Business Week looks at Moleskine’s online adventures.

With a new range of “city” notebooks launching in the U.S next month—featuring street maps, local information, and space for users to jot down their thoughts—Modo&Modo has also introduced a series of city-focused blogs.
Its aim is for these blogs to be more than merely a branded Web presence of the Moleskine notebooks. Written and edited by a team of young local writers, there are currently blogs for London, Milan, New York, Paris, and Rome. The European notebooks were released last year, while next month sees the arrival of guides to four U.S. cities—New York, Washington, San Francisco, and Boston. Further blogs will follow.

This is a savvy move from a brand that could so easily declare itself analog-only.
p.s. Here’s what’s in my Moleskine.

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