What’s In Your Docket?

from LA Times: Minnesota Atty. Gen. Mike Hatch sued Capital One Financial Corp.’s bank unit Thursday over the ads for its “No Hassle” credit card, which promote a supposedly fixed annual interest rate of 4.99%.
Customers who miss a payment deadline or exceed their credit limit can end up with annual interest rates of as much as 27%, Hatch said at a news conference. About 40% of the card’s users will be paying higher rates within two years, he said.
One “No Hassle” television ad features barbarian marauders catapulting a man for using a rival credit card

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  1. Oh and, once the customer starts teetering towaerds missing deadlines or exceeding the credit limit, send them some handy credit card “cheques”.
    “Hey come on, it’s business! We’re good people.”

  2. Mike Hatch is doing what he does best, working for the people. Yay!