Planning whiz, Russell Davies, recently unearthed an old t-shirt from 1999

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  1. I’m not quite sure what he means by his quote and this shirt.
    Did they just agree to compromise in all the meetings and then ignore the client and produce work that “say whatever we want it to?”
    Or were they hoping to just muddle through Microsoft work, do what the client asks (even if they don’t like it) so they could live another day to do something cool for Nike?

  2. To me, it’s charming to know even the best have to grovel in front of clients to make a paycheck from time to time. It’s not something for just us commoners. Yet, I realize the best are the best because they know how to keep problem clients to a minimum, or get rid of them altogether.

  3. You’re right. and “Where The Suckers Moon” was an enlightening account of W+K having to bend over for Subaru.

  4. Fortune swims, not with the main stream of letters, but in the shallows, where the suckers moon. –A.J. Liebling
    Best ad book out there.