What Up With Porn Creep

According to Wikipedia, “porn creep” is the process by which sexually explicit content infiltrates American pop culture. Many people blame (or credit) the abundance of sexual imagery and innuendo in movies, television and advertising on the increased accessibility and “cool factor” of pornography.
American Apparel, which has many otherwise redeeming qualities as a company, has made use of porn creep. And west coast burger joint, Carl’s Jr., is all about it.

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  1. Podcasts From Above.

    Someone’s gotta do something about the porn creep going on around here. Link…

  2. Larry Flynt says:

    Porn creep: Sexual content making its way into the mainstream
    Creepy porn: Anything involving Bea Arthur, Leonard Maltin, gerbils, a spatula and a bathtub filled with Jell-O Pudding

  3. David,
    Larry Flynt? The Larry Flynt (@hustler.com)
    P.S. I wear XXL

  4. No, it’s not the Larry Flynt.
    You can be whoever you want in the bloatosphere.

  5. Hugh Hefner says:

    Larry, I agree with Jello Pudding, however, tubs filled with jello are D-licious.