What The Duck?

According to Eugene Register-Guard, the University of Oregon students who produced and appear in this video are in trouble. No, not for making a crap video.

The marketing arm of the UO athletic department asked the students to take it down earlier this week because the Duck mascot appears repeatedly in it, and the rights to the mascot are a copyright of the Walt Disney Co. — an agreement between the UO and Disney that dates back to at least the early 1940s. The Duck, after all, is based on Donald Duck.
“We try to be very careful and protective of this agreement because we certainly don’t want to lose the rights to the agreement,” said Matt Dyste, the UO’s director of marketing and brand management.

The athletic department suspended the student mascot for his wayward flight. Another student mascot made the trip to Tuscon for tonight’s big game, which Oregon won in double overtime.

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  1. Very funny! The U of O doesn’t even want the Donald duck trademark anymore and hasn’t for a long time. I fill sorry for disney and the long standing duck fans of the past. The UO pays 22% interest to Disney for the use of Disney’s Donald duck’s trademark on merchandise. That’s why your seeing more of the O on apparel and novelty items instead of Donald duck and that’s why the UO made up that stupid duck foot and prints it on all kinds of stuff. The UO must think duck fans are stupid and will buy or put up with most anything. The UO is even using OSU colors (Orange and Black)associated with that stupid looking duck foot. The UO doesn’t have to pay Disney for the use of that duck foot print and everyone thinks it is part of the Disney Mascot. Talk about ignorance on the part of all the UO alumni and students. They should fill ashamed of the attack on their intelligence while they are asleep at the wheel. The traditions of the past which helped make the UO is slowly slipping away and before you know it the pure innocence of the UO Mascot Donald Duck will slip away into obscurity and the lines will be totally blurred as to any purity the UO has in athletics. Go Pilots!