What Are We Feeding Our Young?

You know you’re old when you find it necessary to take up Sir Paul’s cause. And I’m not even from his generation, but the next.
One of the Adfreakers, Mark Dolliver to be exact, posted in favor of Sir Paul’s Super Bowl halftime performance, as I did here a few days ago. Imagine my chagrin upon discovering blasphemy in the comments.
“I thought it sucked – plain and simple. Too old, too corny, too boring, sooo not worth my time….next time they should just hire PBS to do the halftime show…that might be more interesting then watching an old-man try and relive his glory days.” -hpm
Let me get this right. The tripe that MTV serves is actually appetizing to some? Impossible.

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  1. The “tripe” that MTV serves up is the dish today’s creatives grew up on. You are what you eat, right?