What Happens When You Cross Schoolhouse Rock With ze frank

THNKR is a new original channel on YouTube from @radical.media, a firm with a ton of success making commercials.

The new channel on YouTube features four main sections: BOOKD, EPIPHANY, PODIUM and PRODIGIES. Here’s a sample of newly produced “evergreen” content from THNKR’s PODIUM series on the art of speechmaking.

Justin Wilkes, Executive Vide President of Media + Entertainment at @radical.media says, “It’s going to be all of our jobs as producers-turned-network programmers to serve the most interesting and entertaining types of content up as quickly as it is being consumed.”

Wilkes is correct about the need to produce quality content on the fly. There’s a lot of competition, for one. Just in YouTube’s grouping of new Science & Technology channels, where THNKR is categorized, there are competitive offerings from Soul Pancake, University of California, TED-Ed, and check out this ze frank-like download from John and Hank Green’s new Crash Course channel.

In Crash Course’s case, the videos they make and distribute are ends in themselves. For @radical.media the videos also work as “ads” for the company.

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