Wexley School for Girls, for Instance

This is a stellar illustration by Robin Eley running in Ad Age (it’s also the only way to get Lee Clow in a suit).
I wish I could say the same for the text that accompanies this work of art. The text is all about which agencies made the magazine’s “A-list” for 2008. I know it’s a trade magazine’s job to serve their particular industry with self-congratulatory pieces, but this is such a narrow little view of the agency business (even though Ad Age is trying to expand the piece by naming the best “marketing” agencies, not “ad” agencies).
Did you know there are over 10,000 agencies in the U.S. alone? Marketing services is a massive business. Given that it is a massive business and there’s a mountain of unreported marketing news, I’d like to challenge you to name your favorite unheralded agency of 2008. Come on, let’s report what no one else knows or is talking about.

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