West Wayne Thaws Out

Adweek reports Minneapolis-based Buffalo Wild Wings is flying south to West Wayne with their $2 million account. West Wayne has offices in Tampa and Atlanta.
West Wayne is also the agency famed Minneapolis copywriter, Luke Sullivan, fled to a few years ago. I’m not exactly sure where Mr. Sullivan, author of Hey Whipple Squeeze This, is today. I want to say GSD+M in Austin. Maybe a reader can verify that for us. Whatever the case, here’s a sample of West Wayne’s current print work for Museum of Science and Industry.

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  1. Yep, Luke is at GSD&M. I mailed my book to him (because, you know, he’s the man) recently to get an outside critique. What’s amazing is not only did he review it, but he sent it back to me within five business days. Another writer I knew did the same thing. Same speedy feedback.

  2. Thanks, Jay. I’m happy to hear Mr. Sullivan is so promt with his free advise.
    I’m always amazed at how agencies typcially treat aspiring creatives. Like a disease is how most of them look upon the aspirants. The truly great agencies already know who they want to hire next. And if they don’t know, they’ll allow their favorite headhunter to tell them. Hearing directly from someone they’ve never heard of? Forget about it (say with Joysee accent for full affect).
    I once got a job (via a headhunter) with an agency that thought quite highly of themselves. I said to the CD upon hiring me, “You know you could have saved yourself a lot of money. I’ve been mailing, e-mailing and calling you for two years.” His response, “Nope. I don’t have time for unsolicited appeals.” Even if that were true, my response is you better make time, because you never know who you’re dealing with and what they might do to harm your firm’s reputation after being repeatedly spurned.

  3. There was a writer bouncing around Denver shops for awhile. Good guy. Smart creative. Cracked The One Show multiple times. Even got a judge’s choice from Paul Venables at Venables Bell & Partners (undoubtedly, my choice for the top agency to watch, predicting to see them profiled in CA within the next four regular issues) for a TV spot the writer created.
    Guess where he is…

  4. I’ll second what Jay said. I met Luke back in his pre-“Whipple” days. He’s a class act.