West Coast Optimism

Stuart Elliott’s Monday morning wake up call is all about how clients and Madison Avenue saw “the recession” coming a mile away and have already adjusted accordingly.
Whatever. Let’s click over to where the action is, shall we?
LA Times Staff Writer, Alana Semuels, paid a visit to the Rubicon Project’s offices, where “dozens of twentysomethings in jeans crowd around tables in one big room, hunched over laptops, typing away. A few play a Nintendo Wii game in the corner. One sips a beer.”
Investors may be jittery about the current economy, but Rubicon — a start-up online advertising company — isn’t worried. It hired most of its 37 employees in the last few months, and today it plans to announce it has received a new round of funding, bringing its total to $21 million in eight months.
Here’s Rubicon’s pitch to web publishers:

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  1. There was an article recently–can’t recall source, maybe Valleywag–but the gist was that fundamentally, the East Coast has been always risk-aversive on the financial side and only going with the tried and true because of the stock market.
    Conversely, the West Coast has so much failure in it’s DNA because of Silicon Valley’s ups and downs that they’re used to it—but not in a negative way. They know eventually, something they’re working on will be the next big thing and erase the memory of previous failures.

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