We’re Huge In Sweden

So I made my debut on Swedish National Radio today, on the show Medierna talking about the 2 Unilever ads that have quite different messages.
If you’re curious, click here to listen or download the June 30th show. It’s a 30 minute show, and I appear somewhere around 26 minutes into it. But except for me, the whole show is in Swedish.
And a long overdue shout-out to The Consumerist, where the Fair & Lovely ad first caught my attention.
[UPDATE] Here’s a file of just the 90 seconds where I’m featured. It’s kinda bizarre, in a cool way.

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  1. Actually I just read a scientific article on evolution. Seems the whiter our skin gets (through mutations of thousands of years of migration north-or, maybe, now by being inside buildings the whole day) the more capable it is to absorbing Vitamin D. Up to 600% more capable. Whole evolutionary scheme that nature thought up. Really quite clever. Also, women and children are slightly lighter skinned than their companion grown men in native cultures. This is because you need extra Vitamin D in pregnancy and such. I won’t get into the details you can look it up.
    So as dark skinned people became northernized or even become more westernized and work in buildings they become lighter skinned and then being lighter skinned they absorb more vitamin D to help prevent disease and compensate for their lack of dark skin.
    So as usual, nature shows it’s many sides and built in defense mechanisms.
    Evolution is great. Just that I don’t think it comes in a bottle.
    Oh wow, I feel like a goodnight lullaby on this one…
    This pretty planet spinning through space, youre a garden, youre a harbor, youre a holy place. Golden sun going round, gentle blue giant spin us around~
    Thanks to Tom Chapin

  2. John Reid says:

    Congrats, Danny. That’s really cool.

  3. I will amend myself in that maybe for some this evolution stuff comes in a pill. All things D. And the words to the song aren’t all the may correct either, but I’m sure TC doesn’t mind that much. He’s the only Rockstar i have ever met and gotten an autograph from anyway.

    Vitamin D, however, seems to be the “real deal.” I am excited about future research into this compound and what it might mean for our collective health. Perhaps cancer’s days truly are numbered … by a cancer drug that cost a few cents a day.

  4. Mike Barnes says:

    The Canadian Cancer society recommends that everyone take vitamin D to prevent cancer. If you take a look at http://www.vitaminD3world.com you can see the data, and more, that led to that recommendation