We’re Addicted To Oil, It’s The Greedy, Dirty Dealers We Can Do Without

Bob Garfield returned to his old stomping grounds at Ad Age to weigh in on the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

I submit that the level of public rage is a direct reflection of having been suckered by a Big Lie. (It also probably doesn’t help naming off-shore drilling rigs things like “Deepwater Horizon,” which sounds more like a retirement village or tropical drink.)
Words matter. Images matter, and when you contaminate them you despoil your own communications environment.
Now every word that spills from a BP mouth is dismissed as just more of the same propaganda.

Here are some of BP’s words that one might want to dismiss.

Here’s a different point of view, care of Hollywood actor, Edward James Olmos, and residents of Louisiana who want the rest of us to understand what’s really happening on the ground.

Olmos also took Anderson Cooper out on his boat for a nice chat about the spill.

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