Web-Two-Point-Dough Blues

Greg Storey at Airbag has written a pensive peice on “blahgs.” His piece was inspired by Jeffrey Zelman’s question, “Are you still fired up about blogging?”
Storey’s answer: Not so much.

Our content is all starting to look the same because of the tools used to manage it and web-two-point-dough has homogenized the Internet.

For sure, anyone who spends a great deal of time researching and organizing content will eventually ask Zeldman’s question of themselves. I’ve asked it several times over the past couple of years. Not just about AdPulp, about all the various blahgs I’m active on. What? You did not realize there is more? There is. Burnin’ All Illusions is my personal spouting off place. LeftoverCheese is my music blahg. BFG Blog is my work blahg. And Shawn and I cover the nation’s most illustrious college sports program on Huskers. But I digress.
I think Zeldman’s question is slightly off. Blahgs are not important. What’s important is the abilty to self-publish to a niche audience (albeit on an international scale) at very little expense.

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  1. And let’s not forget our oft neglected BeerAndPizza.org.
    David is also familiar with my personal blog, sh2.com, which I formally shuttered last month after over 5 years of publishing activity.

  2. And Shawn’s KingsofVegas.com, plus our experiment at KindBetty.com. To say nothing of Omaha’s blog aggregator, TopTray.com. Are we geeky enuf 4u now?