Web Architects, Like Real Architects, Build For The Long Haul

Alexander H. Williams “teaches people how to break the rules and create vibrant online community networks with blogs, podcasts and magic bus rides.” He also shoots video and makes podcasts and stuff. In one of his recent efforts, Franz Maruna, CEO at concrete5, opens up about the web development process and how traditional agencies are ill equipped to handle the work.

why agencies suck so bad at making web sites from alex williams on Vimeo.
Maruna says web sites need to be built to last and that agencies don’t build anything to last. That’s terrific insight into what’s wrong with the agency business and what’s right about taking on “projects,” not “clients.”

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  1. He’s right, site should last. They should grow but, can you imagina Apple’s site design by someone in their IT dept. I think the gap is collaboration. Agency and client yoked together to maintain contextual and visual branding as one seamless language.