We Know What’s In His Head, But Not What’s On His Head

America is about to break with tradition by inaugurating a black President, but some traditions need to stay in place, like hat wearing.

According to HatforObama, a promotional site from Stetson, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are all Stetson men. The hope is Obama will be too.
I’m not sure how it came to pass, but this young film maker has been tasked with handing Obama a Stetson hat to wear next week.
I’d wear one (if they came in 7-7/8″).They’re pretty stylin’.

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  1. Dear Mr. Obama,
    When i traveled to Turkey on an extreme wimpy budget, I passed a carpet dealer in the artsy part of Istanbul. It was the day after your election. I was dressed rather nicely and all the shop venders thought i could afford their wares. I could not, but they invited me to tea anyway. They were nice like that. Or maybe they weren’t used to seeing a woman travel alone like that. Anyway one vendor who sold carpets had this thing about American baseball caps. I talked to him and he wanted to know what i thought of you. What i told him I don’t think he understood all the way. Language problems. But i did promise to send him a hat, even an Obama hat. I might even go to some retail outlet, or the post office, or the bank, or the grocery store to watch tv on inauguration day. Heck I could go just about anywhere. There is free TV in so many places. I will see what kind of hat I can send him.
    If he is reading this, which i doubt he is, I didn’t forget you > you were nice to me. I promise.

  2. D: The “young filmmaker” was actually one of my cousin’s former students– he was in first grade in the first class she ever taught about 20 years ago and has kept up with her: I actually found out about the promotion from her via Facebook.
    Small world and all that.

  3. Obama,
    wow heard on the news today you will be traveling to Turkey. Give mustafa a hat for me, will ya?
    then when you come home, probably carrying a free rug to adorn the whitehouse think of me again. heck, I’d go there and be happy if i were a maid again in a hotel.