We Agree That Oil Is A Dirty Business

Our future depends on new ideas. Yet, certain old ideas–like the value of an expensive advertising and pr campaign–are resistant to change.

Let’s listen to Chevron’s positive spin for a minute and a half.

These ads don’t measure up to BP’s “Beyond Petroleum” farce, but they occupy that same space, where we can see an oil company as a good neighbor who creates jobs and invests in the community. Sadly, the truth is these investments in the community, while beneficial, do not measure up to the extraction costs levied by the oil industry on communities worldwide.

When Chevron and their cronies get serious about producing renewable energy, people will start to listen again, but no ad campaign is going to open the public’s ears to their moves in that direction. The commitment to renewable energy has to be tangible, we need to see it and benefit from it.

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