Waste Not, Want Not

Sukle, recognizing that “frugality is en vogue like never before,” is presenting new work for Denver Water.
To demonstrate the proposition and lead by example, Denver Water and Sukle reused old billboards and placed a thin vinyl snipe over the existing art, using only 8% of the vinyl that a newly printed board would.

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  1. This is a decent idea to raise awareness on (not) wasting water. Interestingly, though, vinyl chloride (or better beloved as PVC) is a known human carcinogen and has contaminated water supplies from here to Instanbul.
    The manufacturing process of Vinyl/PVC is a huge contributor to water contamination.
    Perhaps Denver Water and Sukle would consider this public service announcement as better serving the, well, PUBLIC, by using a benign, non-CANCER CAUSING material to help get the message across next time.