Want My Attention? Send Me A FedEx With Something of Value In It

I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “If you want people to sit up and take note (of whatever), send a FedEx.” An email, no matter how well written, is never going to compete with an overnight package.
Evolution Bureau obviously understands this, because I just came home to a FedEx box, which naturally got my attention and piqued my curiosity. “I wonder what’s in the box,” I said aloud. When have you ever said the same about an email?
What’s in the box is a framed drawing that was used in the making of the following video for Orbit, a Wrigley product.

The shoot required the use of over 500 such drawings, and was shot with six cameras in stop motion style. The drawings were rendered by “Goons,” an anonymous Chicago-based street artist. Music is by Camera Obscura.
Bob Rupczynski, Director of Global Interactive Strategies at Wrigley says, “‘Orbit Clean It Up’ is a fresh way to engage with today’s digital consumer and to offer real purpose around the Orbit brand, providing inspiration to consumers.”
In the five days since the video was posted, 10,000 consumers of viral content have watched on YouTube. My guess is that number is about to soar, as the cadre of advertising and marketing bloggers get their own FedEx packages and do what I did here–write about it, poste haste.

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  1. Ida Lupine says:

    are you serious? how do I get one of these fed-ex boxes? this is an awesome video I’ve seen goons work on the streets, no matter what kind of crap day I’m having I can’t stay bummed when I see this stuff. I might have to start chewing gum.

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