Want A Good Deal On A Used Caddy? Call (617) 451-1110

Take a good look at the spot below, because Cadillac won’t have the luxury of such well crafted spots in the near future.

Ad Age is reporting that the “new GM” will drop Modernista from the Cadillac account.

Since GM’s exit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy this summer, the Detroit grapevine has swirled that Modernista was the odd agency out since it was independent, and that it would be replaced with a shop from one of GM’s two main agency-holding conglomerates: Publicis Groupe or Interpublic Group of Cos. Pundits figured the leaner GM could no longer afford the luxury of a smaller, independent shop.
The move is financially related — GM wants to cut fees, said a former GM exec, since Modernista had higher fees than other, longer-term agencies to the marketer.

Yes, higher fees for much much better work.
[via Ken Wheaton]

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  1. David,
    This actually brings up a good question that will no doubt frighten or upset advertising people:
    What is the value of “much much better work” if it isn’t selling any more product than the standard awful work?
    As we all know, no amount of advertising will help if the product is not great. If GM really knew what it was doing, it would fire all its agencies and funnel the money back into R&D.