“VW Looks ‘Fast’ Out of the Gate”

No doubt that during the two week span of Winter Olympic coverage you will have seen a small black Gremlin-like creature with a menacing evil grin and a movie bad guy voice gracing your television screen. Say hello to “Fast”, VW’s newest personality in the American auto landscape.
The campaign springs from Crispin Porter & Bogusky, the same shop that brought us the new Burger King spots. While he may look the part of a tiny villain, the real purpose of Fast is to take a humorous yet quasi-realistic stab at a the “truth in advertising” motif. VW’s previous “Drivers Wanted” campaign still rings true as the underlying theme, but merely as a more serene back-story to the more in-your-face “Fast”. With a decidedly young male audience in mind and a tagline to “Make friends with your Fast”, Fast acts as a car driver’s alter-ego instilling performance-laden thoughts into more pedestrian situations. And you can throw propriety and etiquette right out of the the proverbial window. In one ad, while being heavily influenced by his Fast, one driver tells his girlfriend “Sweetie, it’s really hard for me to enjoy the sound of the engine with all that yakking.”, to which Fast chimes in proudly “Sometimes my Fast doesn’t get along with my girlfriend.” Now, I ask you guys out there, sad but true… how many of us have thought that very thing when we get a bit of side-car driving advice?
As an added treat, for GTI fans out there, you may notice that Fast is actually a black bunny with sharp features and a thin red grin on his grill. I can only guess that this is a tribute to the GTI’s origins as a VW Rabbit and the original colorway of black and red. Subtle and pointed squarely at VW loyalists, this also highlights what is being touted as “unpimping” your ride or “√únpimp Mein Auto” and returning to the clean lines and simplicity of design that are hallmarks of German auto-crafting.
Are you friends with your Fast?
Publisher’s Note: This is a guest post, meant to add to the previously discussed “Crispin Puts On Lederhosen For VW” post, which currently has an interesting comment thread going on.


  1. Indiana Gividen says:

    If VW realy wanted to catch the youth market they should lower their prices. Why would a kid buy a VW product when he could own a Honda or Scion for less? The vast majority will not.

  2. FRANK SCOTT says:


  3. I like to think VW has come a very long way with the new Gti’s. Well i would say the whole model line in general. The cars have a big solid feel but at the same time they can easily be whipped around. I actually just took the new GTI and the new GLI out for a testdrive last week. Amazing cars. Its really hard to believe your actually driving a VW when your in it. very refined. the steering is an amazing system. It is not the traditional power steering setup. Instead they are using an electro mechanical system. Im not exactly sure on how it works, but i know it is some thing to die for. I do not believe that VW should lower their prices on the GTI. They come standard with a whole load of options. the base engine is incredible. it might not be the most powerful being only 200 horse. The torque however, all 207 ft. lbs. of it is waiting for you at 1800rpm. what other 4 cylinder car copmany does that??? thanks to the new fuel injection system there is little to no turbo lag which means you just go when you want to. i really think if you do not like the new vw’s at all, that you should go and test drive one.

  4. The VR6 Passat did wonders 13 years ago. I think it also came with a spirit. And spirit now won’t let the alternator run. And to fix the thing costs lots of money. And when are they going to improve the electrical systems in any German car. Maybe it’s the changing magnetic field on this side of the earth.

  5. Hey Indiana Gividen, since when does today’s youth give a sh*t about price? This is the “see it now buy it now” generation. They could sell the new GTI for 35-40K and kids would still run their credit through the roof to have one.

  6. If you don’t have any contact with teens, it is worthwhile to take a ride past the high school or university parking lot nowadays and see what kids are driving. Try walking past when the kids are getting in their cars and notice what gender is driving what car. It’s not surprising to me, but I have kids who try to teach me this stuff and help me “get it.” Exasperating for them lots of times, but it eventually sinks in.
    Who makes the buying decision, who pays the bills, who soaks up the advertising …that I am still trying to comprehend.

  7. I and im sure many others would pay good money for an actual “Fast” like the ones in the commmerical. Is there anywhere i could get a hold of one of those??

  8. Alex – they’re selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Try searching for “VW Fast”.

  9. Indiana Gividen says:

    Hey Shane! Here is a late reply!!! Todays youth apparently don’t have that imaginary 35-40k credit line you thought they did! Just look at the sales numbers for Hondas, Scions and VWs. HA HA HA Of course getting half of the JD power quality ratings of Honda or Toyota does not help either.