Vinny Warren, Someone Ran Off With Your Concept

The party responsible: 60 Frames.
[UPDATE] BusinessWeek spoke to Charles Stone III, the director of the original “Wassup” commercial.
Stone says, Budweiser never owned the rights to the idea. He’d originally made it as a short film independent of the brand, and Budweiser had only leased the rights, paying a mere $37,000 for five years of use. Back then, people gave him a hard time about the low price. Now Stone, a diehard Obama supporter, says it’s more than paid off. “That I’m able to use an idea distributed by a huge company, who made a lot of money off it, so that now when I put out what I want to say, it’s recognizable, and it sparks — that’s worth $1 million to me.”

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  1. ha! i always thought it was me that ran away with their concept. i’ve been getting emailed this all day. alan “tangerine toad” wolk just alerted me to this. love it.
    it’s hilarious to see the gang back together. but would it have killed them to put a bottle of bud in one scene? i’m keeding!

  2. The best political propaganda I’ve seen thus far.