VCU Has Dibs

Microsoft is rolling out something called AdCenter. My guess is the people at VCU AdCenter are less than thrilled.

c|net: Microsoft’s grand ambitions for free services rest on one thing: its ability to get to know you better.
The company has outlined a whole host of things it would like to offer as part of its “Live” services effort. But it needs to make more money selling ads to make the push pay off.
To do this, it’s betting on personalization as the way to boost its online ad sales. The centerpiece of the strategy is something called AdCenter–a tool that Microsoft has been developing for more than a year as a way to serve up ads tailor made for the user that is receiving them.

The crappy thing is no entity–profit-making or otherwise–has the kind of money necessary to battle the software titans from Redmond in court.

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  1. Gates fucked with Boyko. Bad move Nerdlinger.

  2. Isn’t this just what Google’s been doing for ages?