Unsigned Bands, DIY Videos, Consumer Generated Media…This Promo Has It All

You Tube and Cingular are teaming up to provide a contest designed to bust our four “underground” bands. Not everyone is stoked about the development.
One You Tube user, Cassherncritique, has this to say:

What a crock? I love the tune, but what the fuck is so underground about this shit? Because they’re using the word ‘underground’? Because it’s being uploaded on Youtube? lol… Underground my eye!! Don’t make me fucking laugh!! This is just American Idol on Youtube.

Ad Age says the promotion strikes at the core of rival MySpace, which was founded on the premise of exposing unsigned artists to large audiences online.
In related news, My Space isn’t the youth-dominated site it’s been made out to be. 52% of the MySpace community is 35 or older.

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  1. Confirms that I’m not missing a thing by ignoring the whole YouTube thing. First interns for the White House Drug Polizei are trolling its pages. Now Cingular is using it to peddle a marketing tool dressed up as an altband. Meh… I’d rather feed at the TV trough. Less buttons to press.