Unless You’re Reading A Novel, Text Alone Is Not Enough

USA Today says LinkedIn is getting with the picture party.

Giving into user demand, the networking site LinkedIn will soon start letting its users post photos with their personal profiles.
LinkedIn has long resisted photos, seeing itself as a site for professional networking and job-seeking and desiring to set itself apart from social-oriented hangouts like News Corp.’s MySpace and Facebook. In addition, LinkedIn didn’t want to open potential employers to discrimination complaints.
But Adam Nash, LinkedIn’s senior director of products, said photos remain one of the most requested features, and the site will start allowing them this Friday.

I’m sure this move is impossible to resist, but there was something refreshingly egalitarian about the text only approach.

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  1. Puh.
    I so liked the fact that LI didn’t have pictures. I know what my friends look like. Don’t need to see pictures of them.
    I hope this won’t catch on.