Unbelievable! Shocking! Outrageous!

Adfreak points to an interesting promotion for the Jerry Springer Show, where the winner gets to co-host the show for a day. The writer of the post, Kathleen Sampey, no doubt a real journalist, actually read the fine print (an important part of any promotion).

This part of the “Rules” section for the contest made us guffaw:

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  1. Coming from a show whose host, an ex Cincinnasty mayor, was dumb enough to pay a hooker (not just any hooker-HIS hooker) with a personal check. Twice.

  2. Being stuck at home recovering from surgery has led me to rediscover daytime television. I happened upon an episode of Jerry Springer the other day and decided to watch it just to see what was up. I was completley horrified. I’m all for diverse entertainment and freedom of speech, but the Jerry Springer Show may be the single most awful thing ever to be broadcast.

  3. Katherine,
    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been subjected to that bucket of human slop.

  4. Anthony says:

    I have heard it said that you can tell a lot about the health/condition of a nation/people by what they do for entertainment. The fact that the Jerry Springer show went on the air at all, is still on the air, and seems to THRIVE on the air -is a sad commentary on a current in the hearts and minds of a sizeable portion of the USA population.