That’s all I have to say. George Carlin was the best. Nobody had a better understanding of the nuances of language.

I can’t say I’m totally shocked–his last couple of specials on HBO showed him to be a little slower than usual. But I have at least 10 of his comedy albums and they’re wall-to-wall hilarious.
US comic George Carlin dies at 71.

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  1. from a void in Indiana says:

    the inside of the 1972 “Class Clown” album

    In ancient times there was a country whose harvest came in and it was poisonous. Those who ate of it became insane.
    “There is but one thing to do,” said the king. “We must eat the grain to survive, but there must be those among us who will remember that we are insane.”

    (my dad and mom had that album. The Catholic school routine was a must for whomever attended a neighborhood Catholic school. We all chuckled at the seven words. Later my dad gave it to my son when he was in his early teens. God bless the eight nuns and six priests who lovingly helped with that material and drilled any of us in fonix and vocabulary.)

  2. George Carlin was good. And will be remembered.
    Speaking of, Mr. G, it seems you have your finger on the pulse of the international obitz scene.
    Did AdPulp recognize, upon your joining of their humble gathering, that they were getting a 2-fer?
    Part outstanding essayist, part historian of lives led?
    They got a good deal.