Two Rich Guys Who Need To Get A Clue

Larry Ellison has reneged on his $115 million donation to Harvard. The Oracle founder and CEO, and the world’s 15th richest person, made headlines last year when he pledged the funds to an institute at Harvard to study world health.
But now, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Ellison has decided against making the contribution after the resignation of Harvard President Larry Summers, who is about to leave the prestigious institution (after being forced out for saying women are not good at math).
Any business person with an ounce of common sense knows that you do what you say you’re going to do. From a PR standpoint this is a disaster for Ellison.
On another front, New York Daily News presents a story on another celeb gone bad. This time, one of our own. The Donny.
According to eyewitnesses at Stereo in Chelsea, The Donny–who has admitted to only hiring “chicks and fags”–was pawing women and making a fool out of himself last Thursday night.

“He was sitting next to this one girl, he touched her breasts and bit her neck,” said the spy. “She was horrified. He asked her back to his hotel room and she just said, ‘No, no, no!'”
So he turned and hit on the girl sitting on his other side.
When that didn’t work, multiple witnesses describe him trying the same approach on a third woman.
But the most brutal rejection may have come from bachelorette No. 4.
“He grabbed this blond and kept trying to kiss her, and she kept saying, ‘I don’t care if you’re Donny Deutsch,'” says another witness.

George Parker, channeling Keith Olbermann, named The Donny “Dick of the Year” for his antics.

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  1. I’ve had the misfortune in the past to freelance for agencies that had the Oracle account… This is a living nightmare… Larry’s ego is bigger than The Donny!!! He micromanages everything…. Have you seen the fucking ads… They are unbelievable. But, he spends a lot of money, so the agencies kiss his ass… Remember his Super Bowl ad of a few years ago… “The Red Chair of Enlightenment!” or something. He’s a Japomaniac and dresses as a Samuari when he gets home going around his “meditation garden” chopping down bamboo trees with his swords… Honest. Anyway, they shot the spot in Cambodia and spent more money than was spent on the entire Cambodian bombing in the Viet war. No one had a clue what it was about… It didn’t make sense… But did the agency tell Larry he was a dickhead… Not on your life. No wonder BDA’s are Ad Ho’s!!!