Two by Four Remodeling

I like how Lewis Lazare takes the mundane movements of agency personnel and makes gossip out of it. The guy’s a pro.

Another departure from Two by Four/Chicago, which recently lost two of its principal partners. Production Director Chris Lombardi’s last day at the ad agency, which handles advertising for the World Champion Chicago White Sox, was May 17. Lombardi departed, reportedly, to pursue another opportunity after having joined Two by Four only a couple months ago. “She just wasn’t working out,” said Two by Four Chief Creative Officer David Stevenson. Separately, Lisa Souter and Jen Nicks have been promoted to group account directors at Two by Four/Chicago. Stevenson said the promotions are part of the agency’s effort “to get much better at what we do.” Writers take note, too. Stevenson’s in the market for a good one.

You know what’s even better than Lazarian prattle? That Stevenson wants a “good writer.”
Maybe it’s his way of saying, “Hacks better step off.”

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  1. Of course, subjectivity in advertising being what it is, it depends on what his definition of a “good writer” is and what qualities that person has.

  2. My point is “good” is totally subjective. To me a good writer writes novels I can’t put down, lyrics I can’t dislodge from my head, or a column I have to read every day.
    I’m also thinking about how every writer thinks they’re good, or they would not call themselves a writer.

  3. David… I’m glad you feel like that about AdScam… I’m in the same boat, I have to check AdPulp every day too!!!