TV To Talk About

Tim Surette of seems to enjoy (or at least respect) the raw honesty of cable channel, The CW.

CW, you’re a breath of fresh air in the broadcast television industry. While other networks pretend to be things they aren’t, you’re like a 300-pound woman in a tubetop with her thong sticking out — you are who you are, and that’s beautiful.
And what you are is pure sensationalism. 90210, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl — this is the new CW, and it’s brimming with young hotties in sudsy dramas that don’t even pretend to stroke our cerebral cortexes, just our ids.

If you’ve been reading AdPulp today, you surely know that no TV show draws a mass audience any longer. But that doesn’t mean a show can’t pull in a healthy number of viewers. Especially, when the stars of a particular show are willing to get naked to get ahead.

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