TV Spending Fails To Address The Truth About The Product

Consumers are trending toward craft beers and the nation’s laregst brewer (who doesn’t make craft beers) is going to spend more money on TV in order to “educate” consumers about their brewing process, ingredient sourcing and history.
In other words, A-B will try to sway beer drinkers from Sam Adams and the like to Michelob by using Sam Adams’ marketing strategy.
The St. Louis brewer devised the new strategy after extensive research into changing consumer habits. “I think we have a better knowledge of who the consumer is and what we need to tell them,” says Dave Peacock, vice president of marketing.
Tell them? Why not tell them you’re ready to make a better beer?
The Wall Street Journal has more.

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  1. It’s like the American auto industry.
    They just don’t get that they’ve been made obsolete thanks to years of selling inferior product.