“Ad skipping and on demand viewing could cost the TV industry $27 billion in lost ad revenue over the next five years, according to new research released today by Accenture.”

Looks like bad news on the horizon for the networks. I purchased a DVR unit less than 6 months ago and found it surprising just how fast my viewing habits changed. We have no problem waiting until 20 after to watch one of our regular shows so we can skip the ad breaks.
Will the networks approach the subject of in-show advertising, expand product placement programs, or move in the direction of commercial-free-but-sponsored-by programs — similar to the way soccer games are broadcast – to make up for the lost revenues?
Tip o’ the fedora to AdAge for the story (free reg. req.)

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  • KRank

    27 billion dollars over five years.
    how many people would that feed?
    47 CEO’s.
    Better skip the Kobe beef burgers.