Turning Text Into Photos

Looking for an interesting application for Short Message Service, or SMS? Restaurant 11 in Amsterdam found one.
Developed by Dutch new-media developers Mediamatic, Playing Flickr lets visitors of Club/Restaurant 11 in Central Amsterdam call up pictures by sending in SMS (text) messages on their phones. The pictures in Flickr with matching tags appear on the surrounding screens so that while patrons dine the backdrop of the restaurant can be adapted to their personal wishes.
The possibilities this technology holds for event marketing are huge.
Thanks to Random Culture for the pointer.

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  1. Turning Text Into Photos

    We found this blog entry very interesting so we’ve added a Trackback to it on our site.

  2. Event marketing meets experience design

    A cafe in amsterdam allowing customers to pull up flickr tags from their phones and then they’re displayed on screens around the cafe. Great. An extension of the sms walls from a few years ago. I looked into doing something