Truly Awesome Towns Don’t Refer To Their Awesomeness By Name

Valencia, CA is Awesometown.
According to Los Angeles Times, Newhall Land Development has used a variety of marketing slogans over the years to sell homes and recruit new residents to Valencia, its master-planned community in the city of Santa Clarita.
But none grabbed the public’s attention quite like “Awesometown.” Witness, Who the fuck decided that Valencia, CA was Awesometown?, a Facebook page with over 4000 detractors.
Newhall Land spokeswoman Marlee Lauffer said the company’s ad agency asked dozens of residents what they liked about living in Valencia, and the answers — “awesome schools, awesome walking paths, awesome town center” — inspired the campaign. She doesn’t mind the opposition to it.

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  1. This will always be the original Awesometown to me: