Trouble Talking To The Ladies? Pull Out Your Trunk Monkey

R/West in Portland, Oregon created Trunk Monkey more than eight years ago to help its client move metal.

The furry little primate has become known as a force to be reckoned with for battling car-jackers, road rage and ninjas, but he recently showed a taste of his softer side in last fall’s Wingman spot.

Now Suburban Auto Group is launching the Trunk Monkey Wingman Mobile App to share his “game” with the masses.

When you download the free Trunk Monkey App from the iTunes store, you will have more monkey-made pick-up lines then you’ll know what to do with. For example:

• “Let’s make like a banana and peel…off our clothes.”
• “Somebody call animal control. I just spotted a fox.”
• “You know what they say about guys with opposable thumbs…”

“By now everyone knows not to mess with Trunk Monkey, but until the Wingman spot no one knew what mad skills the furry little guy has with the ladies,” said Sean Blixseth, R/West president and creative director.

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