Toyota’s Smart

Business 2.0 named Toyota the Smartest Company of Year. With good reason: the Prius, the Scion and its marketing campaign, even something that other car companies take for granted–a minivan.
But, I can’t read all about it without a paid subscription. $6.99 for the year. $4.99 for six issues. Which leads me to ask, “Why is a magazine with a bleeding edge name like “Business 2.0″ holding back the free flow of information on the web?”
Last weekend at Blog Walk 6.0, Tom Sherman said he’d never pay for content online. I pretty much agree with his sentiment. There’s so much reliable information available for free, I feel like I can make do just fine without needing to pay the select few stuck on this dead-tree business model.

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  1. I agree. And until they finally “get it,” use my subscription login: 11614759240

  2. Hilarious!
    Thanks for your generous spirit, Tom.