Today’s Big Number

$120 million dollars.
That’s how much Invesco paid for the naming rights to Denver’s football stadium.
Last night, appearing alongside Joe Biden, Barack Obama said, “And tomorrow night, we’ll be over at Mile High Stadium…”
Spoken like a true sports fan.

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  1. To say, “Invesco Field at Mile High” would be all the proof anyone needs that Obama, like anyone in his position, is a corporate tool. That he didn’t say it that way doesn’t mean he’s not a corporate tool, it just means he’s smart enough to not appear like one.

  2. I like the fact that he called it “Mile High”. In truth, Invesco has none of the working-man’s charm and mystique that Mile High did (or those reasonable ticket prices, for that matter), but Invesco was offered the chance to have their name play second fiddle to the Mile High name when it was being built. Instead they ignored the public and put their name first. So it’s cool Barack said what he said. I also remember Invesco having to gut it’s senior management because the press got wind that their nickname for the facility was the Diaphragm building. A poetic moment. The insecure corporate idiots who made the naming decision got booted from the company they thought Colorado embraced.

  3. Hmmm methinks we’re reading into it a bit much. Could be a simple mistake, no?

  4. @kmf – Maley lives in Denver and I used to live there. The “mistake” was renaming the stadium in the first place.

  5. I hear you, DB, it’s a terrible, terrible name. Mile High is great.
    I’m still of the belief that either Obama (or his speechwriter) didn’t care enough to get the name right, or didn’t know that it was changed to Invesco in the first place.

  6. You think when they booked the place, no one mentioned the name?
    He’s being colloquial. And smart.

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