Today In Twitterverse: “Selling Out” Is An Anachronism

Ari Newman, founder of Filtrbox is thinking what many who Tweet for business purposes are thinking.
According to Reuters, Twitter will test several routes to successful monetization this year, including the creation of commercial accounts.

The company is preparing to offer commercial accounts in which corporations and other types of businesses pay a fee to receive an enhanced version of Twitter, a free service that allows people to send short, 140-character text messages to their network of friends.
“We think there will be opportunities to provide services to commercial entities that help them get even more value out of Twitter. If these services are valuable to companies, we think they may want to pay for them,” Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, said in an e-mail sent to Reuters.

Hey, if Twitter’s going commercial, maybe that’s good news for Magpie, the Berlin-based service that pays Twitter users for commercial access to their stream on behalf of advertisers.
When I enter my Twitter username into Magpie’s earnings estimator, it says I might earn up to £153.90 British pounds per month. That’s drinking money!

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