Today In Twitterverse: Coffee by Tweet

Yes, it’s also a sales channel!
Houston Twiterati are at this very minute placing drink orders with the baristas @coffeegroundz via Twitter, the micro-blogging platform rumored to be worth $250 mil.
Mr. Tweet, says, “How cool is that? You don’t even have to stop working to walk to the counter and order a coffee.”
CoffeGroundz_Tweet copy.jpg

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  1. Pre-ordering for pick-up is great use of the technology, but avoiding a 20-foot walk to the counter by tweeting your order is horrifyingly lazy, not “cool.” Of course, I’m old enough to remember when changing the channel required getting off one’s ass.

  2. There’s nothing Twitter offers for this that wasn’t already possible with e-mail, SMS, submitting a Web form, etc.
    Therefore, we can presume the only lift here is the novelty of it. Meaning: it’s no more strategic and sustainable for a business than when they first put up a Web site or created a mailing list.