Today In Twitterverse: Coffee by Tweet

Yes, it’s also a sales channel!
Houston Twiterati are at this very minute placing drink orders with the baristas @coffeegroundz via Twitter, the micro-blogging platform rumored to be worth $250 mil.
Mr. Tweet, says, “How cool is that? You don’t even have to stop working to walk to the counter and order a coffee.”
CoffeGroundz_Tweet copy.jpg

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  • td

    Pre-ordering for pick-up is great use of the technology, but avoiding a 20-foot walk to the counter by tweeting your order is horrifyingly lazy, not “cool.” Of course, I’m old enough to remember when changing the channel required getting off one’s ass.

  • fred

    There’s nothing Twitter offers for this that wasn’t already possible with e-mail, SMS, submitting a Web form, etc.
    Therefore, we can presume the only lift here is the novelty of it. Meaning: it’s no more strategic and sustainable for a business than when they first put up a Web site or created a mailing list.