Today In Twitterverse: This Isn’t Junior High School

mediaphyter copy.jpg Jennifer Leggio is popular on Twitter. But she hasn’t let her internet celebrity go to her head.

I am popular on Twitter. Yet I still get up and go to work every day. I still sleep well past when I should be going to the gym. I still sweat over looming performance reviews. I still learn and grow and change with every single one of the folks who read me and to whom I provide information. Having a lot of followers on Twitter does not necessarily mean that you have some extensive amount of business savvy. And, as I said to someone at an event last week, if you flaunt your numbers you just come across as an egomaniacal dork. Not to mention, once you take your followers for granted you are no longer listening — which violates the very base notion of social media in the first place.
Twitter does not determine your level of influence. It’s a vehicle for influence.

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  • bob hoffman

    Hey Jennifer,
    You’re popular on Twitter? I have news for you. You have nothing to be modest about.

  • David Burn

    Twitter is Internet crack. If you’re popular there (if you’re holding, as it were), you’re someone to be reckoned with.