Today In Twitterverse: Competition from Facebook and CNN

Alan Wolk asked a prescient question on the eve of this new dawn. Today, he asks again.

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  • nancy

    if only i twittered. But if you want to know what I am wearing today: a worsted wool, button down the front, houndstooth plaid skirt in grey, navy, rust and what i call baby poop brown (if you have changed breast fed infants diapers the color is unmistakable,thus excuse me labeling it such, but it’s just so) It is designed with fabric covered buttons with machine stitched keyhole buttonholes. It has welted flapped pockets at the hip.
    It was bought at goodwill in 2006 for one dollar fifty.
    The reason I wore this today is that my jeans are dirty, and I gotta keep my tush warm. The wool is good for that better than cotton.
    Also, I am wearing a cable knit sweater in fisherman knit style and a turtle neck dickie underneath. It used to be an entire sweater, but it shrunk in the wash so i had to salvage it as a dickie. The sleeves were used to make a matching purse which i am carry my ac adapter in for my laptop.I’ve worn this in a youtube video so it’s really nothing new.
    I don’t know the brand names or designer of any of this stuff so this post is useless.