Today In Twitterverse: On the Money and the Mind

Abbey Klaassen of Ad Age has complied a list of 10 ways to monetize Twitter, just in case Ev needs some free advice for the holidays.
Jump over to Ad Age to see all 10. Or just entertain this one:

It would make Twitter a $1 billion company overnight. That’s what entrepreneur Nate Westheimer concluded in an essay for Silicon Alley Insider, in which he noted that mobile users of Twitter already use machine language to communicate. “It would position Twitter to revolutionize how money is collected and exchanged on the internet,” he wrote.

The mainstream press attention this Monday doesn’t stop there. The New York Times was also compelled to write about this fascinating microblogging service.

With staff changes and reductions across the media industry, even a blog post can be too time-consuming a way to announce who is in and out of a job. That is why a public relations employee turned to the instant-blogging platform Twitter to create The Media Is Dying, a Twitter feed that documents media hirings and firings in one-sentence bursts of text.

To recap, the media isn’t dying. It’s Tweeting. And Ev, who grew up on a farm in Nebraska prior to inventing Blogger and Twitter, is about to become a richer man than he already is.

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  1. That post inspired me to write a post from my perspective on the Twitter situation…
    “The answer to the “Twitter Monetization Dilemma” is to build the program so that it adds a service that cannot be sought elsewhere for free and does not take away from the user’s experience. Tricky, I know. It involves a lot of thought, testing, and imaginative thinking. Adding features that are otherwise free in other social mediums, or advertising methods that are not fully working on other sites is not the answer. On the contrary, it would most likely a crippling move to the company.”
    Full post here