Today In Twitterverse: TweetsGiving

Twitter’s the micoblogging/messaging service that keeps on giving. New creative uses for the service are being unleashed almost daily.
Here’s today’s entry:, a Twitter celebration of gratitude and giving powered by Epic Change.
TweetsGiving hopes to demonstrate the power of the social web by raising $10,000 in 48 hours to build a classroom in Tanzania.
Pretty dope, if you ask me.
On the not so dope front, there’s a new service called Magpie that autopopulates one’s Twitter feed with paid announcements.
Sitepoint, for one, says it could make $3500 per month from Magpie if it opted to expose its group of 13,000+ followers on Twitter to ads.

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  1. Magpie = Bad.
    Twitter = Good.
    Tweetsgiving = Great.
    Ad Pulp = the Best.
    🙂 Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Dave,
    Thanks for the love.
    I’ve been thinking more about Magpie and for me personally, the jury is out. I ask myself why I’m against it. I’m an ad guy writing and editing an ad blog that runs ads. But I’m against running ads in my Twitter feed? That doesn’t make sense.